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new outfit post with my sister, both wearing OASAP

sigh sigh sigh

i am so happy with how things are right now

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Prints are now available of my pearl diver paintings in my shop.  You can find them here:

Pearl Divers I

and here:

Pearl Divers II


it was such a lovely day!


it was such a lovely day!

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Laura Marling – Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) (613 plays)


Laura Marling - Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) 

God Help the Girl – God Help the Girl (4,514 plays)


Emily Browning and Belle & Sebastian as God Help the Girl - God Help the Girl (x)

"Take this job and shove it, adios, I’m a ghost
I am leaving for the coast and I’ll never work for anyone again
I’m not your saviour or your heavenly host
I’m just a piece of zweiback toast getting soggy in a baby’s aching mouth
I’m going south, like the geese I just goosed you
And so maybe I seem loose to you but I don’t even wanna spoon
I did once, but I don’t now
Now that I see how you do things, the way you play and sing’s amazing
But the way you play the game is crazy, you don’t have to say you’re sorry -
You don’t owe me anything, don’t owe me anything"

— Kimya Dawson


#df594a / #eaa635 / #dc3982


#df594a / #eaa635 / #dc3982

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